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In the event this is your first Blue Tour trip, forward your expectations to us. We will set the most practical, most colourful route matching your schedule and present it to you. If you are an experienced Blue Tour traveller and you already have a route in your mind, share it with us. We may offer you alternatives which may add considerable value to your adventure.

Rules :
Recommended routes are attempted for specified period and these routes provide high customer satisfaction. According to weather conditions and technical reasons there may be momentary changes on respecting the itinerary. During these unforeseen situations, the captain may judge it necessary to navigate off course in order to protect the boat and to maintain utmost passengers’ security.

During the tour, entry fees for visiting the ancient sites and means of access are added to the travellers account. Unless you inform us previously about your trips at the route, our agency can arrange the necessary organization.

Your Suitcase :
Blue Tour boats have limited storage room for travellers’ belongings. Besides, the concept of this holiday is not to indulge in the superfluous but to be relaxed. Wear a T-shirt, shorts and slippers and off you go. Proper clothing is seasonal comfortable, sport sea clothes. A non-slip footwear and a walking shoe for land is adequate.

Only a few towels are needed, that’s all.

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Ada Marin Yachting
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