Blue Cruise Guide

We can call Blue Tour simply “A sense of Holiday which allows you to interact privately with sea and nature, far from being a classic Holiday”.

This is a perfect alternative for people who want to be with oneself and rest those weary eyes upon the scenic harmony of blue and green colours. Blue Tours is a life style on the sea which offers minimum comfort for freedom seekers and up to high end luxury for residence comfort seekers.

It is actually a tourism activity bearing a controversial of whether it is a known concept of holiday or not. This said, it is an activity where you are far from crowds, limited to facilities a boat can offer, disciplined perhaps, but one offering endless freedom to experience serenity and beauty.

Your impatience is ignited as soon as you step foot on deck of the boat at the port. Verifying the rations and hauling the ropes, taking the anchor abroad and set sail and sail away... this is how a Blue Tour of unforgettable memories begins.

We sail the calm and warm Aegean and Mediterranean Seas, sometimes by engine power or by sail, anchoring in peaceful coves. Swimming in the turquoise sea, in uninhabited waters together with nature, sunbathing on deck, sipping delicious beverages around a table on deck, free from negative sentiments. The best of it all is to be mesmerized by the countless stars in the deep black sky, away from city lights, anchored at a dreamy cove. To sleep under this tranquil and innocent ambience is bliss.

After boarding with your companion and friends for a planned one week, 10 days or even longer dated Blue Tour program, you may discover the unique Anatolian coasts to one's heart desires. You can enrich your trip by trying the numerous welcoming restaurants located at various coves, far from civilisation.

You are not limited to swimming only. There are many opportunities within the day for activities such as; water sports, wandering along the shoreline, and many options of things to do to; admiring relics, fishing, diving, and photography.

From Bodrum to Kekova, from Gocek to Bozburun, experiencing the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea from the coast is quite different. Blue Tour is your only alternative to fully indulge in the fascinating beauty of the Anatolian in panoramic view on a boat.

Draw yourself a route either to the east direction Antalya or to the west direction Bodrum, but we are recommending Gocek as the ideal starting point for these journeys.

We await Blue Tour passengers at the leading yachting centre in Turkey; Gocek , with its ease of access, infrastructure and rich touristic elements.

blue cruise guide in Turkey

blue cruise guide in Turkey

blue cruise guide in Turkey

blue cruise guide in Turkey

Blue Cruise Guide Greek Islands Routes Aegean & Mediterranean Routes Life on Boat Explore to Göcek !

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